Booking Kuwera online

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We receive many bookings during the year, of these, approximately 70%, come from research portals such as, Expedia,, Agoda, and others.

20% of guests staying with us arriving through local travel agencies;

only 10% of customers contact us directly by asking first information and then asking for the price for their stay at Kuwera.
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Kuwera Eco lodge, the pleasure of a unique experience.

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The first time we left the Sigiriya main road and drifted inwards to reach the land where the Kuwera Eco Lodge stands today (at that time only a rectangle of earth covered with shrubs) we were fascinated by all that Surrounded us.

After crossing a stretch of forest bounded by an electric wire, a clear sign that the elephants could pass and passing through here, is possibile to see the first houses that, with their shimmering colors, stand out among the various shades of green nature.
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Lunch for Monk

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Buddhism in Sri Lanka is not a religion but a doctrine, a set of disciplines and philosophic principles which govern the life of people by helping to overcome the difficulties of life.

70% of the population follows and puts into practice even today, in a very active and heard the teachings of Buddhism, especially in the villages.
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“Damn” Kuwera bumpy road

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UPDATE: …”the road is no longer bumpy…be quiet :)”

Bumpy Road” are the two words most written in our guests reviews, to report how rough and bumpy is the road to get to Kuwera.

In part this is true, last 2 km are a little bit rough, and so you need to follow it slowly by car and, especially for those who arrive in the evening, in the dark, maybe tired, could be a little bit heavy.

Contrary to what many people think about this, for us is a plus and not a penalty, otherwise we would not be able to realize our desire, which was to create a hotel in the middle of nature and inside a real Sri Lankan rural village.
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Protect the earth avoiding plastic

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Back in September 8th 2015 we welcomed our first guests and today, one year after the opening we decided to share something about us, about our mission and some news about what we have done until now, the achievements and future projects, with anecdotes and curiosity about what happens during our wonderful activities at the lodge or in the nearby village and surroundings.

The posts are not necessarily in chronological order but will be placed randomly, that’s why we decided to begin from the initiative started on December 1st 2016.

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