Kuwera Eco Lodge

“Damn” Kuwera bumpy road

UPDATE: …”the road is no longer bumpy…be quiet :)”

Bumpy Road” are the two words most written in our guests reviews, to report how rough and bumpy is the road to get to Kuwera.

In part this is true, last 2 km are a little bit rough, and so you need to follow it slowly by car and, especially for those who arrive in the evening, in the dark, maybe tired, could be a little bit heavy.

Contrary to what many people think about this, for us is a plus and not a penalty, otherwise we would not be able to realize our desire, which was to create a hotel in the middle of nature and inside a real Sri Lankan rural village.

Is really impossible to enjoy the uniqueness of a typical rural village being close to the main roads; everything becomes very fake, very touristy and very commercial.

If you want to see the real life of a typical Sri Lankan village you are necessary to go into the countryside away from the main roads; all that remains close to the main roads can not be classified as “typical and unspoiled”.

Udawalayagama village can not be considered pure, now some comfort are here too, of course, but always retains the peculiarity and authenticity of a typical rural village.

Most of the entrepreneurs, who invest in hotel business, have as its primary goal the profit, so they go searching for a land close to major roads, easily accessible, with beautiful paved roads, sometimes surrounded by restaurants and other shops for tourists, all that hardly manage to transmit the true essence of Sri Lanka.

We did not want this for our guests.

Our dream was to make known to our guests the true life of a typical village, where the children go to get water at the well, same well that during the day becomes a meeting place for women who gather here to wash and talking happily to each other. In the morning at Kuwera Eco Lodge we wake up with the sounds of peacocks and birds, sometimes interrupted by the neighbors’ radio  transmitting music (unfortunately not always moderate volume level) or sometimes Buddhist prayers.

Children playing directly on the beaten earth road and farmers who bring grazing buffaloes, are other scenes of daily life that you can hardly see on a main road.

That’s why we have chosen the village of Udawalayagama.

In the village there are no shops and not all the inhabitants have electricity; you will not find people who will want to sell something or drivers who call you insistently to offer a paid passage on Tuk Tuk, everything here is genuine and we hope to remain so for much longer…

We smile when we read the reviews about the bumpy road, we also know that often this observation is also conditioned by their drivers who think more to the dampers of their cars instead to explain the originality of the place to their clients.

We hope reading this post, our future guests will be able to understand the importance of the choice of this location and consider a virtue these last 2 km that separate us from the perfectly paved road.