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Booking Kuwera online

We receive many bookings during the year, of these, approximately 70%, come from research portals such as Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, Agoda, and others.

20% of guests staying with us arriving through local travel agencies;

only 10% of customers contact us directly by asking first information and then asking for the price for their stay at Kuwera.

These people get the best price ever, sometimes taking advantage of other privileges which the remaining 70% can not enjoy.

Often it is not necessary asking for the discount, automatically we apply a lower rate for the rooms.

By contacting us and booking directly, obviously, the price will be cheaper, the hotel does not have to pay any fee to other websites on which it is registered and we can turn this amount to the customer as a discount.

Unfortunately we have fixed costs to which we can not escape as the VAT or the service charge but these are lowered accordingly by paying a lower room rate.

This is why we, but we imagine all the hoteliers, can not explain why people insist on booking through large portals instead of going through the hotel’s website.

At a time when the search for the best price is becoming more intense this behavior is actually bucking and difficult to understand.

If you are at the supermarket buying a kilo of fruit for 4 euros and then you learn of the possibility of buying it directly from the manufacturer at 2 euros, would you continue to go to the supermarket? … Imagine not ….

For hotels it’s the same thing… at least for us at the Kuwera eco lodge.

Perhaps the portal apparently offers more guarantees; you do not have to pay in advance, you get occasional discounts or other benefits if you subscribe to their loyalty programs. Moreover, being a great organization, customers feel themselves more protected, but this does not necessarily translate into a better price.

Finally we invite our future guests to contact us directly before making a reservation, we will do our best to guarantee you the best price.

We do not ask for guarantees with credit cards and for this we will need a 50% deposit by bank transfer but which will still be returned in case of cancellation according to our hotel policy.

Contact us before booking


Choose a room and place a booking by yourself.