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Lunch for Monk

Lunch for Monk

Buddhism in Sri Lanka is not a religion but a doctrine, a set of disciplines and philosophic principles which govern the life of people by helping to overcome the difficulties of life.

70% of the population follows and puts into practice even today, in a very active and heard the teachings of Buddhism, especially in the villages.

Entering any place of Buddhist worship is possible to feel a spirituality atmosphere due to the presence of many pilgrims strictly dressed in white clothing, barefoot, collected in prayer, often holding lotus flowers, fruit, rice to offer to Buddha.

The monks play an important role in the spreading this doctrine and they are held in high esteem by the people.

Following an ancient tradition that has been handed down for thousands of years, the families of the Buddhist faith, in turn every day preparing and carrying on offer lunch to the monks of the nearest monastery.
The Kuwera’s staff has given its availability in a spontaneous way to participate in this initiative and, in agreement with the village people, they decided that the first day of each month is our turn to prepare dinner for the unique monk who lives in the temple of our little village of Udawalayagama.

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On this date, our two chefs Nissanka and Niroshan, after finishing serving breakfast to hotel guests, set to work cooking and bringing to the Temple a few local dishes, including rice & curry, mainly of vegetables , and fruits.
The delivery is by Tuk Tuk and is accompanied by a short ceremony, where the Monk leaving a small portion of food in front of the Buddha statue as an offering (food which will then be eaten by all the animals in the backyard), reciting some prayers and concluding with the sound of the gong, before eating his lunch.

The monk usually preserves part of this food for children and needy elderly of the village.