Kuwera Eco Lodge

Our Concept


Staying at Kuwera Eco Lodge means living an authentic and unique experience in close contact with the local culture.

Its peculiar collocation inside a rural village and the choice we made not to separate it from the surrounding context with fences, allows our guests to take part to scenes of everyday life.

At dawn the sounds of nature, the peacock, the birds, the rooster soon give way to the children voices that before leaving for the school go get the water at the well, or the sound of a radio transmitting a Buddhist prayer.

A simple walk or bike ride in the surroundings will give you unforgettable moments, getting to know local families, meeting the rice harvesters, or the unexpected passage of a mongoose.

You will also enjoy many breathtaking landscapes.

Cuisine at Kuwera Eco Lodge follows the same philosophy. We believe that food is a fundamental experience to deeply understand a country and a culture, so our mission is to offer our guests an authentic Sinhalese experience, sometimes proposing it mixed with international cuisine.

For this reason we chose to re-discover vegetables and fruits almost forgotten by the same inhabitants, growing them in our gardens, all naturals and without any pesticides or chemicals.

What is not produced inside the property comes from selected manufacturers who follow the same rules. Our chefs will offer a selection of menu that encounters all our customers tastes and needs.