Kuwera Eco Lodge

Enjoy your yoga session

Regenerates body and mind

To make our guests stay more relaxing and rejuvenating, now there's new possibility with us at Kuwera eco lodge in Sigiriya.


We created an area where our guests can practice open air yoga and meditation session, surrounded by nature feeling yourself immersed in the unique atmosphere of a new and traditional Sri Lankan yoga retreat.


For those who want to approach for the first time to these disciplines and for who also already practice, our certified Yoga teacher Mr. Kinglesy offer different sessions options for beginners and advanced people.


Each session will last 90 minutes during which you can practice this activity surrounded by sounds of nature. It will be possible to book private Yoga classes for individuals and for couples or groups.


*We recommend to book the yoga classes at least 24 hours in advance. Contact us for further informations


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