Kuwera Eco Lodge
Protect the earth avoiding plastic

Protect the earth avoiding plastic

Back in September 8th 2015 we welcomed our first guests and today, one year after the opening we decided to share something about us, about our mission and some news about what we have done until now, the achievements and future projects, with anecdotes and curiosity about what happens during our wonderful activities at the lodge or in the nearby village and surroundings.

The posts are not necessarily in chronological order but will be placed randomly, that’s why we decided to begin from the initiative started on December 1st 2016.

Since the beginning all three partners we agreed to create an eco lodge that had minimal environmental impact and, although in Sri Lanka it is not easy to implement, we tried to move in that direction, one step at a time.

In November, we took an important step forward when Upasena, one of the three partners, had THE idea to eliminate the use of plastic bottles… immediately we studied how to implement it.

We calculated that during the 2015/2016 year in our Lodge were consumed about 3,000 plastic bottles of water and we definitely want to limit or reset this amount.
Ms. Isabel from More-than-travel.com, during a class on eco-sustainability held at the Hotel to the staff, calculated the impact that these 3,000 plastic bottles have on the environment, the result is 1 Ton CO2 emitted into the atmosphere in a year !!!
(Note that a roundtrip flight between Europe and Sri Lanka emits approximately 3.3 tons of carbon dioxide per person)

eco sustainability
Ms. Isabel while explain all about eco sustainability.

An impressive number for a small hotel with 7 rooms like ours. Imagine how many plastic bottles are used in all the hotels in Sri Lanka and consequently all over the world every day.

So starting from the 1st of December we decided to eliminate water bottles at the table and complimentary water in the rooms, replacing them with a dispenser with 20 liter reusable tank, providing filtered and certified water for free to our guests in the rooms and during meals.
Our guests will not have to pay for water during lunch or dinner and they can fill the glass jugs provided in their rooms by themselves as many times as they want.

This for internal use at the Hotel

If a guest wishes to fill his bottle to carry outside the hotel, maybe during an excursion, we will only ask a small contribution of Rs.50 Lt.

Mr. Sujeewa while explain to our guests our mission
Mr. Sujeewa explaing to our guests our mission regarding drinking water.

Guests collaboration is essential and the first feedbacks received during this first month of trial are very positive, everyone is very excited to work together to achieve this.

guest refill jug
Guest while refill her jug at dispenser.
Filling the Jug
Guests while filling her jug

We believe deeply in what we are doing and we hope to be an example for our colleagues in Sigiriya, in Sri Lanka, and why not, in the rest of the world.

We are aware that all of this has an economic cost, because it is a loss of profit, but we think we’ll all pay off in the future for every little action taken to safeguard our planet.

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